SAGE, you want to garden?

Posted: August 18, 2012 by geosylvan in Institutional Sustainability: Service Learning Experiences

I put in a couple hours of work at SAGE garden for my Institutional Sustainability extra credit assignment. I’ve worked there before, and so I was somewhat familiar with the area, and the garden itself. SAGE garden is located in Starker Arts Park, which is just off of Country Club road, just a little west of Corvallis. Sage garden is a beautiful community garden that has been around for years and years. SAGE garden is run through the Corvallis Environmental Center. 

The garden donates all of its food to local food banks, and they also provide educational programs for little kids. Its important for kids to learn how their food is grown, they get really excited about healthy food when they see it growing. SAGE runs a group work party every Tuesday night from 4-7, and anybody can volunteer! Its a bunch of fun to just walk around the garden and look at all the beautiful vegetables, taking part in the gardening is very gratifying.

When I went to the work party last Tuesday, there were a few other students from the sustainability class. It was really neat to meet the other students and work with them for awhile in the garden. Chris was the volunteer coordinator for the work party that night. Chris was in charge of assigning us all tasks to do for the evening. He assigned me the job of working with a tool called a broadfork. A broadfork is a tool that is used to break up a garden bed in preparation for planting. It is less damaging to the soil composition than a roto-tiller. Using the broadfork is a great work out, at the same time rather meditative.

My experience at SAGE garden was a good one, and I plan on returning whenever I have free time on a Tuesday night. I live really close to the garden, so I really have no excuse not to go out and work for a little while. It feels good to work in a garden knowing that the food grown there is used to feed people in need.


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