Little Steps

Posted: August 18, 2012 by maxsonh in Week 4: Final Reflections

Being in the GEO 300 class I still felt like I needed to do something to make a difference. With my PSP it really made me feel like I contributed to being environmentally as well as health friendly. I feel like I really helped out the community by purchasing the right products that support them. Also it made me feel good about making the right consumer choice. In Emma Lea’s article about consumer dietary choices, she states that consumers hold the power to make either a positive or negative impact on the environment with their food purchases (pg. 21).

Environmental impacts of my PSP include promoting better agriculture. Due to the environmental effects of agriculture consumers are becoming aware of knowing what and how their food is being grown. As Macias states, because of environmental and health risks associated with food products from industrial food production, consumers have grown worrisome of where their food comes from (pg. 1086).

Socially impacts include getting the community involved in the process of making a change. The local Farmer’s Market I believe is the first step in engaging the community to participate in making a change. It also helps people voice together their opinion on what we as consumers want. An economically and environmentally friendly society form habits that will help us be sustainable for the future. Economically my PSP ties in well to both perspectives of social and environmental impact. Economically agriculture is a big part of the business, which also affects the economy of our society as well. By making the right consumer choice, consumers have a say in the way our food is brought up and what we want in the economic aspects.

As mentioned before by doing my chosen PSP, this has a positive environmental community impact. Globally foods could be produced differently to be healthy for humans. It can also help to provide a more sustainable future for our coming generations. If more people gathered together to make the choices I decided, the economic level of products would be greatly affected. Businesses make products based on consumer choices and with everyone making the choice to be more sustainable, so will corporations and businesses in order to appeal to those needs. Mentioned sometime in my previous PSP’s benefits is definitely a better quality of food. The atmosphere of the community seems up beat as well, and more relaxed. However with benefits there are always costs. Some costs associated with my PSP are definitely an increase in spending. The budget for a higher quality food is spendy, not exactly within a college student budget.

I think that this PSP was a really good thing to try out for myself. Along with the reflections, it really helped open my eyes to new things. I always went with the generic brand of things just because I’ve been growing up on those items, but not I realize there are more options. Now I understand why those special cheeses my mom and her friends had at dinner matter. They are higher quality and better tasting, which is worth that little extra spending once in a while for that difference in taste. I think that this PSP may come back into my life sometime after college. Right at this point I don’t have the extra spending to keep up with buying organic food continuously. The Farmer’s Market is always a fun experience though so I will still probably keep up with visiting once in a while, even if it’s just to get out of the house for a bit. I think that I’ll be making small changes at a time.


Lea, E. (2005). Food, health, the environment and consumers’ dietary choices. Nutrition & Dietetics, 62(1), 21-25.

Macias, T. (2008). Working Toward a Just, Equitable, and Local Food System: The Social Impact of Community-Based Agriculture. Social Science Quarterly (Blackwell Publishing Limited), 89(5), 1086-1101. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6237.2008.00566.x


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