The Road to Healthy and Sustainable

Posted: August 17, 2012 by Michael Hernandez in Week 4: Final Reflections
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It’s been four weeks since the start of our PSP’s and I’m glad with the PSP topic I decided to try out. I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of fast food that I eat and instead buying local and organic food. It’s something that I’ve always been telling myself I need to try out but have never gotten around to it, so I am glad that this class gave me the extra push I needed to actually try it out. Originally I thought that it was going to be a hassle to switch over and also didn’t want to spend the extra amount of money. However, the ideas that I had about haven’t turned out to be true at all! It’s been a pretty eye opening experience in seeing the price difference and quality difference in the food that you get from places like the co-op.

One of the biggest benefits to trying this out is not only am I getting healthier, better tasting food, I’ve also been making a small dent into the current practices of agriculture and reducing my footprint. Since most food you eat that isn’t local has an average of about 1500m distance to travel to get to the market, this has been reduced significantly when buying locally. Also, getting to buy things from farms that don’t just go after maximum yield but rather a sustainable yield takes away a small amount of business from those farms that do practice max yield.

On a large scale, if people were to switch over to eating local and organic food we could see a big shift in the current scene in markets like Albertsons, Winco, Safeway, etc. Those companies would have to make sure to stock those sorts of products in their markets and it would help benefit the local area economy by making sure everywhere in the nation people are getting food from local farms rather than large farms where there are only a handful or owners. There would also need to be a switch from most farms that would require a more sustainable method of farming, by using things like crop alleys, terracing, etc. We would also reduce the average travel distance significantly which will have a huge impact on the total emissions that are being released just for the transportation of food.

Crop Alley

I’m going to be continuing my PSP as I move up to Portland this next weekend. Doing so I’m helping toward a movement of more people eating local and organic food which will continue to help reduce the amount of negative impact the current trends for agriculture and livestock. We need more people to begin switching over to this sort of lifestyle as it will help move current practices in agriculture and livestock to a more sustainable method if enough people are asking for it.

The biggest downside with my PSP was that it was costing a bit more in making purchases through the co-op. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and with the savings I’ve made in not eating as much at fast food locations it nearly made up for most of it. The upside is that as I’ve gotten more accustomed to the food quality from the co-op and my growing distaste for fast food it has made it much easier for me to continue the PSP. Also, I’ve been feeling healthier and has made me want to work out more try to continue to improve my life in other aspects since this small change has made a big difference.

I’m going to be looking at the blog a bit more and seeing how other peoples PSP’s have gone for them. Hopefully I’ll find other ones that might be able to fit my lifestyle and make it so there is one more person contribute to another aspect of sustainability.

The overall process has been a great success and a learning experience. It’s making me want to try out more things to improve my life and help the environment on the way. One of the biggest things that helped was the ability to make a blog post about my experience throughout the weeks so that other people would know I’ve kept up with it. Due to this, I’ll probably continue making small posts like this about my progress and goals on my personal blog site so that I have some extra motivation to continue down this path.

  1. Thanks for excellent and clear post. Hope many people join this kind of consumption pattern.

  2. julie says:

    Isn’t it amazing how your tastes change once you get used to eating new things? Good luck if you continue to blog!

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