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Reducing my Carbon Footprint One Bag at a Time!


Overall I think I made a great difference in my lifestyle and helped reduce my footprint. It is interesting that carbon footprinting has not been driven by research but rather has been promoted

by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), companies, and various private initiatives. (1) 


There are many pros of using reusable shopping bags.  One of the biggest pros is that you are taking part in a kind of recycling.  You’re doing your part to keep plastic bags out of the landfills.  Another pro of reusable shopping bags are that they are rather cheap to purchase, you can usually find some for around a few bucks.  Some bags also offer an insulated option, making sure your frozen and refrigerated foods stay cold on the trip home.  Regular plastic bags don’t offer this protection.  Reusable bags are very strong and durable; I find that I can load many more groceries in a single bag versus a single plastic bag.  The bags are usually made from recycled materials and the production process causes less harm to the environment. (3)


Although non-woven bags made from many different types of raw materials are available today in the market, the ones made of polypropylene (PP) are most commonly seen for shopping

purposes. (4)

The only downside while doing this is the fact that I sometimes forgot to take them with me but after a while what I did was just leave the bags right by the door. I had fun shopping for new bags, there are so many different ones out there! Since I am a huge Blazer fan my parents got me one. I also love Van Gogh and found one at the farmers market in Portland. Handle styles also vary from bag to bag. Some are loops on either side of the bag. Some are cut with the bag and part of the front piece rather than sewn on. Some bags are made with gussets to help the bags stand upright.  Some are made of organic cottons; others are made of canvas or mesh.  Fabric designs vary from retro to modern, and everything in between.  (2) I plan to continue using reusable bags because it is something easy to do and sometimes store give you money if you bring your own in. My parents love the idea and plan to do it as well.

I think if I keep telling people how much I enjoy doing what I do maybe I will be some kind of an influence and they too will start using them. It will save them money and they will be able to reduce their carbon footprint. Like we talked in class it is important to try to make a difference and reduce our carbon footprint. I will do my best to continue with this.

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