Biking and Composting is Easy and Fun.

Posted: August 17, 2012 by colinwalsh12 in Week 4: Final Reflections
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ImageWell it is the end of our 4 week class and I really enjoyed composting and riding my bike to class. It was very fun and I learned about many cool bike paths around town that I would have never known existed before. There are many maps located around town that will tell you the right areas to go, but if you cant locate them around town you can also find the map here:

Biking around town made me more aware of my un-needed gas consumption. I probably saved over 20$ in gas from just the 4 weeks riding back and forth. According to: biking or walking to work/school is a great way to exercise and it is also helps kids get a good start on the day. 

Composting is so easy I am amazed that it has taken me so long to actually start. I ended up producing way less trash and by next year I should have some really nice compost to use in the garden. ImageI did not know that you could compost paper, so im my next compost instead of recycling the paper, I will be using it in my compost. I also plan on getting a few dozed worms to help out with the process. When I look at the big picture of my PSP I feel that is can be accomplished by anyone that has working legs and arms. Riding bikes in Corvallis is very, very easy. Its not like we live in SF where there are 1/2 mile tall hills to ride. I think the highest incline/decline around town is on campus coming up from jefferson to the library. Anyways I felt really good after this project and will continue to ride my bike to class and compost. My roommate is helping out also with the compost and we have noticed that we dont really need our large garbage can anymore, so with the next trash day coming, well today (I hope he remembered to put the trash out cause I didnt) we will be getting a smaller can which is also cutting down on our bill, sweet! While searching for different ways to compost and different things to compost I came across this site:, This site shows some cool kits that you can use to make your own compost kit, regardless of your yard space, there is a compost method out there for you, which is really sweet. 

As far as ups and down are concerned with the PSP the only problem I encountered was fighting the wind on my bike and wishing I had a road bike. I know I can hop curbs or do sweet skids on my street bike, but they look so fast and fun to ride along town. Another drawback from riding my bike was the old lady that ran a red light and nearly took me with her, lucky for me I was on top of my game and able to swerve out of the way, now that I think about it I probably should have taken the hit and I would have had all my school debt payed for…. well thats another story, anyway the positive part was that I was able to save money in both gas and my garbage bills. i plan on continuing this after class is over. In fact, I am about to drive out to the Siletz then rid my bike up into the gorge and chase some steelhead after I write this blog. ImageI thought that this was a really cool project to get us thinking about little very EASY ways to cut back and be more sustainable. I found this site to have some really great tips and facts regarding sustainability and what we can do to be more sustainable: 

I would like to conclude that everyone can do what I did (granted you have both your arms and legs) even then im sure there is something out there to get around. Anyways composting and biking are easy and besides obtaining and maintaining a bike near free, and if anything will save you money, thus putting money back in your pocket! HOW? you may ask, well its simple. By riding my bike I have gas money, boom there is one, second, composting saves my trash space, therefore I can get a smaller trash can and save money. Again, if I can do it you can do it, so dust off that old bike, pump of the tires, dig a hole in the back yard and start living a healthy sustainable life!




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