Welcome to Sage Garden!

Posted: August 15, 2012 by hiukwanw in Institutional Sustainability: Service Learning Experiences
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Yesterday (August 14, 2012) was really special to me because I went to Sage Garden and volunteered there with Minori, who is one of my classmates from my GEO 300, Sustainability for Common Good class. Why was it so special to me? To be honest, that was actually my first gardening experience. I am from Hong Kong and I have been living in the city so I just haven’t really done any gardening experience before. We went there at  4 pm and stayed till 6 pm. It was really hot yesterday. What we did was to pull weeds and dump them in the compost bucket. It sounds really easy but it was not. The sun had no mercy at all and I admit that I was week (yes, I said that! :)).


We met Chris, who is one of the people who has been taking care of the garden, when we got there. We interviewed him real fast and he told us the goal of the garden.  Chris told us that this organization is to teach people, including children, where their food comes from and the importance of creating a sustainable community. According to Chris, it is very important for us to create a sustainable community in which the environment, the economy, and the social systems are all connected in a way that can meet our current needs without too much damage to this planet. Sage garden is a non-profit garden. All the produces are donated to organizations like Stone soup and South Corvallis Food Bank. Chris said they donate fresh vegies to the free lunch in church so that people there can enjoy fresh lettuce when having salad.


As I mentioned earlier, I helped with getting rid of the weeds and dumping them in the compost bucket. I felt like I was finally really doing something that I learned from the class. My current event was about composting and not using fertilizers, which is also one of the goals of sage garden. I felt like I was finally being part of the protecting our environment thing. I think the power of organizations is much bigger than one individual. I can’t imagine if I have to do this alone every day. A lot of people go to Sage garden for volunteer. One side story here was that I met two of my friends there yesterday, who went there because they wanted to help. I really appreciate people who are willing to spend their times on doing things that benefit the others. I was there volunteering yesterday too, but I should be honest if not for the extra credit I might would never try this. I didn’t even know about Sage garden. I didn’t know or I didn’t believe that there are actually people out there who are doing this. Even though I was only there for two hours but I think I learned a lot. I think I am telling my friends about this place and next term, when I get back from Hong Kong, I would try to bring some of my friends over there and try to help with doing more things. We believe that together, we make a difference!


One thing that I really want to mention is that after yesterday, I appreciate my life more. I didn’t know that working outdoor in the garden was that hard. I can’t imagine doing this everyday under the sun. I also feel so thankful for people who produce our foods. After this volunteer experience, I feel like even though I can’t do much to help the others or protect this planet, I can at least appreciate foods more by not wasting them. I believe you can do this too, my friends. Check out the website for Corvallis Environmental center for more information. Remember, together we can make a difference.


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