Kevin O. talks …

Posted: August 13, 2012 by tere1012 in Critiques, Random

Kevin O. talks about how his journey has been using reusable bags versus plastic bags. Kevin has started to cut out using Ziploc bags and started using Tupperware instead. He has saved a lot of money by doing this.   Kevin has found many other little things he can do by eliminating the usage of plastic bags.  I think Kevin is doing a great job, I love that he found other small ways to make an impact. The only thing I would recommend is to find out where his bags come from and also to make sure he washes them regularly.


Chelsea D. talks about how much she appreciates using cloth bags although she did forget about them at times. Every time she brings back and reuses her bag she gets 5 cents back, so in reality they pay for themselves eventually.  She has also been able to save money just like Kevin O. has.  I have to agree with Chelsea, when I used plastic bags they always broke on me and all my groceries were all over the ground. It was so annoying! I would recommend her to maybe try walking to the store if she can and maybe she will not forget to take her bags.


James R. talks about how riding his bike to the grocery store has its benefits. He can relate to both Chelsea and Kevin because he is saving a lot of money by not driving to places. One big difference is that he is not only saving money he is also getting some vitamin D in and also a lot of exercise. I love the fact that riding his bike has made his fast food intake a lot smaller. I would recommend that he stay safe while riding his bike and be sure to follow all the rules.


According to Agua-Luna, few plastic bags are recycled and most are left to linger on the Earth for the next 1,000 years in landfills, trees, oceans, and everywhere in between.  We should all make an effort or at least say we have tried to use reusable bags because there is no good that can come from using plastic bags every time we go shopping.  Although I did read a scary reason as to why reusable bags are not always a good idea. According to the study form the University of California, it’s likely E. coli and other bacteria. They found that over half of the bags they studied had some form of bacteria growing in it. While you’re saving the earth from the horrors of plastic bags, most, if not all of these bags come from China, Bangladesh, or India. Do you know what that means? That means your bags are being imported, and unless it is being imported by an Eco-friendly commercial vehicle, it is emitting greenhouse gasses for miles upon miles before these planet saving bags make their way to the U.S. Not only is James getting a good workout from riding his bike, according to Healthy Living, bike riding is also a great stress reliever. Some tips to always remember while riding your bike would be to wear a helmet, be visible, choose your travel time carefully, and obey traffic rules.


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