Back-Burner Burdens

Posted: August 13, 2012 by Agustin the Cool Arrow in Week 3: Reflections + Economic Sustainability
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The ‘Up’-date

Another week down! Or more like another week ‘up’: hanging my cloths up to dry that is. So far everything has been alright.
The list of positives include:

1) haven’t lost any socks for almost a month
2) probably have saved on my electricity bill
3) clothes haven’t shrank yet
4) my cousin left so now there is less laundry

Jumping Over Hurdles

and the list of Negatives are:
1) not Time-Convenient
2) takes up a lot of space in the room
3) clothes end up stiff
4) more work

By ‘time-convenient’ I mean that I have to plan ahead for when I’ll actually need clothes. I was used to putting my laundry on the back-burner until I was on my last set of clothes. Unfortunately, if you do that and then have to air-dry your clothes, you may end up either not having clean clothes promptly or wearing semi-damp clothing. I guess the good thing about this though is that is forces me to work on my time management 🙂 Cheryl Coker, in her piece “Time Management: Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement,” states that “Effective transitions begin with planning. Preparing the day’s lesson allows the instructor to decrease the management time needed to organize drills and instruction (Pangrazi & Darst, 1997).” Though she’s talking about setting up for P.E., I could relate the idea of being more prepared and creating schedules for my days so as to make sure I get everything done on time (I’m only about to be a senior, so I figured now would be a good enough time as any to start).

The Drive

While looking for ways to improve on my air-dying technique, I came across another blog about air drying. Though the circumstances are a little different (she moved to New Zealand and now ‘has to’ air dry), I noticed that she had taken the cover off her ironing board and used it to hang up clothes. While not completely related to my PSP, it vaguely reminded me of Rube Goldberg Machines, which are “Basically, a ‘machine’ that uses many ordinary items, and positions them in a way so that when activated, sometimes by ‘knocking down the first domino’ so to speak, it leads to a series of events that are all activated by the previous events. They are most always elaborate, with many things going on at one time. They are hard to build, and sometimes take over 4 months and a millions hours to build, but the results are spectacular.” (Urban Dictionary)*. Why is that important? It sparked my creativity! It makes me want to try come up with something that’s creative and fun, turning this chore into an activity.

*Interestingly enough, Urban Dictionary also gives definitions for Rube Goldberg Alcoholism and Rube Goldberg Syndrome


Clothes Rack

I’m not supposed to be holding that piece with my hand . . .

During my first post I discussed the economic savings that could come about as a result of air drying clothes. One aspect money-wise I hadn’t thought about was putting down money for the possible equipment needed to properly take on this task. This could be a wide variety of things such as metal rods to set up outside for a clothes line or materials for building a clothes rack. While I was at Fred Meyers, I checked up on the prices for these things. The cheapest clothes rack they had was $14.99 while clothespins and yarn totaled less than $5. Since it starts to rain heavily later on in the year, I decided to pick up the clothes rack and give it a try mostly because I still hadn’t figured out how to dry my sheets). And wouldn’t you know it, but as soon as I pulled it out of the box it broke. And it turned out to be a lot dinkier than I thought it would be. A heavy duty one from home depot is $41.32. But how much would it cost to build one? I’m guessing a lot cheaper, just have to put in the time and effort. Hopefully I can add a little flair to it too if I do 😉

What I’m holding with my hand is supposed to be connected to the wood below it


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  1. julie says:

    I once competed in a team Rube Goldberg competition! We folded a letter and stuffed it in an envelope via machine. I totally recommend getting a dehumidifier for the winter. It will dry the air, warm your house, plus dry your clothes! Win win win!

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