Economy Being Affected by the Bulk

Posted: August 9, 2012 by Christy in Week 3: Reflections + Economic Sustainability
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Reflection on week 3:

With week 2 being a downfall, I stepped up, and motivated myself in buying in bulk.  This week is going much better than the second week.  I have been succeeding in buying in bulk, but when I do I sometimes forget my reuseable bag.  When I do forget that, I then try to just carry everything (which can be difficult sometimes) to my car, or walk it all back to my place.  A positive is that I have been walking to the store rather than driving (I didn’t realize how close the stores were to my house until I had walked to them).  I think my PSP is a positive thing and helps eliminating packaging, but I do think it doesn’t affect the environment as much as my other peers PSP.  I do wish that I would have done something more important, and that improves the environment even more.  I think my PSP is something that would affect the environment if MANY people did it, one person can’t change everything.  Besides receiving a good grade for the PSP it is also important for me because it is a new promise to make, and a new goal to reach.  This PSP is testing me, and I am trying to prove to myself that I can do it.


This PSP has affected my wallet.  By buying in bulk I have had to spend more money in buying everything.  In the long run it will save me money, but right now it is costing me.  This bumps up the economy by putting more money into it.  If a big group of people were to buy in bulk, it would actually help the economy by pumping more money into it.  Also the demand for buying in bulk would increase causing more stores to start packaging in bulk more often.  The supply for packaging would decrease, because more products would be in bulk, and the single product will need to fulfill the bulk so we would need to either produce more, or the supply would be be less.


Buying in bulk will affect the product life cycle.  It will take less time to go through the stages when buying in bulk.  When a product is being introduced it will have to be advertised as a bulk product instead of a single item.  As it grows the company will need to make more of the product because demand will be very high.  It will also be very high when the product reaches the maturity stage.  But when it declines there will be more supply then demand, which can then lead to waste in a product that could potentially harm the environment.


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