Easy as cow pie

Posted: August 4, 2012 by kellyhenvy in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability
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I feel great. Honestly, the only time it even crossed my mind was when I was so sleep deprived my body was in starvation mode and I was serving burgers to people all night. (I could have and would have eaten ANYTHING that night,) but the real problem was that I have been averaging 3 hours of sleep- not that I have any true cravings for a burger. It made it even easier not to eat a burger knowing that I am choosing not to eat beef for my health and for the environment. Socially, my choice to not eat meat is a demonstration of human right to choose what I eat, improve my quality of life and that of the community by choosing local more sustainable food as a replacement as well as using the “single best way to reduce my contribution to projected climate change,” (Spoolman, p.231).


Bald Hill (my photo)

Social Aspects

Not only am I demonstrating rights however I am doing the only thing that consumer can do to protect themselves from problematic (cancer causing) hormones created by beef production in America. Did you know that American beef is banned from Europe? This happened over a decade ago, and we still haven’t put into place a policy to protect our own bodies from these profitable, however unhealthy tactics for beef producers. –Preventing Cancer in Europe

If we all boycotted- even a little bit our demands would have to be heard and restrictions would have to be set in place or producers would simply be unable to sell their product due to lack of profits. My cow friends would be happier, and all of us would be healthier.

Miller, Spoolman Environmental Science 2010 Brooks/Cole

  1. julie says:

    Get some sleep, Kelly! You’re going to get sick. I notice that I eat more unhealthy, unsustainable junk when I’m exhausted and stressed. Finding a healthy balance in your life will make you (and the planet) happier!

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