A Great Expectation.

Posted: August 4, 2012 by Minh in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability
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It has been a week and a half since i committed to my PSP which is fairly simple: go meatless on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and eat whatever i like on the rest of the week. However, it turns out beyond my expectation because i have become a full time vegetarian!

In my last blog, i stated that one of the most difficult barrier for me to become a vegetarian was my intense schedule. However, it happened to be the opposite: after spending half a day at school, i’m usually exhausted and have no intention of going to the kitchen so i will eat whatever i may find in the fridge. Guess what i always found there: Raw carrots, non-fat yogurts, steamed rice, mushrooms, soy milk and some stir fried vegetables and tofu leftovers from the weekend. It may sound cruel to eat rice, carrots and mushrooms almost every day, but it turned out alright for me. Another major factor which makes it fairly easy for me to adapt to the new menu  is my habit of eating junk foods (i know it’s unhealthy). Dinner is the only real meal i have throughout the day: i never eat breakfast (not with my unusual sleep pattern) and i often fill my stomach with tortilla chips and some Hershey bars at lunch.

Even though i have been successfully keeping my promise, i realize that my eating habit makes it unsustainable in the long run. My food choices are extremely limited, i consume the same kinds of foods almost every day and most of them are not real vegetables: Rice, tofu, tomatoes, green onions…  But it’s hard to be a healthy vegetarian when you genuinely hate mosts vegetables you could find out there, sometimes i wish i could learn to love those fresh cabbages, spinach and broccoli at Winco.

As i’ve told you, my grandma is also a vegetarian, however, our motivations are completely different. She has deep compassion for the suffering of the slaughtered animals, I, on the other hands, firmly believe that vegetarianism is the best way to acquire food, energy and protein, an important factor in preserving our planet. For example, It is estimated that around 760 million tons of grain is fed to farmed animals so that people can eat meat. Calories wise, It requires one calorie of oil to create one calories of soy. However, 78 calories of oil are needed to create one calorie of beef while it also takes up to 5,214 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef. A meat based diet is a waste of important resources such as land, water or energy, and you may not imagine how reducing your meat intake daily can have a deeply impact on the future of our planet.


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  1. julie says:

    You can totally be a vegetarian without looooving vegetables! I jokingly considered myself a ‘breaditarian’ because I do love carbs. As long as you are getting balanced nutrition, you are still making a difference by cutting out meat (even sometimes) whether you like veggies or not!

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