The Real 2nd Blog Post

Posted: August 3, 2012 by jungke in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability

So far my personal project has been running along smoothly. My bike is used, but I rarely used it. My dad had let me take one of the mountain bikes except it got stolen. I had to buy a new, but better bike. It was a used road bike that only cost $100. With everything together, it cost me $150 except I didn’t use it as often as I should have. I only had a car and my two legs to get to places because it’s either too far or too short. I haven’t been using my car at all. I’m not sure how much money I’m saving, but it would be about $60 for a full tank of gas. I would fill up every few weeks so that money could be going towards my food expenses. The bike is coming in handy for me; I use it for class and work. It has a small basket on the back of it so I can carry my groceries. It is a good change besides my tire blowing out randomly. Now I need to get new tires for my bike or I won’t be able to make it class on Monday.

Buying groceries is a lot easier on my wallet. I have frozen fruit so it lasts me longer and I have a good diet. No more fast food from McDonalds or Burger King for me. I still have to visit the farmers market but I have been there before just to see what was there. It will be a trip I will have to make on Saturday. (Buy local, local, 2009)

With the two paper bags I have, I will be using this to recycle my paper. Trash has been a lot lighter now that I don’t eat boxed foods such as quick pasta mixes and macaroni. I used to have wrappers filling up my trash from the twinkies I would buy. My house mates have been filling up the trash can as usual but my contribution has been very little.

I’ve been buying from WinCo as opposed to the monopoly Fred Meyer. WinCo is cheaper and has initiated some green initiatives such as electric energy conservation (Green initiatives). I went from spending about $20 a week to $9 a week. In the long run, I would save about $264 in six months. That’s if I eat the same meals every day. It isn’t so bad because I’m a simple person and it isn’t as bad as the box food I’ve been eating.

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  1. Kati says:

    I highly recommend Cyclotopia on 2nd downtown. They’re super friendly, honest and will give you multiple options. The owner even let me come back later to pay him for a $1 valve adapter so he wouldn’t have to charge me extra for paying with plastic.

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