PSP week 2: Eating Fresh Eating Local

Posted: August 3, 2012 by villenbob in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability

Personal Sustainability Project Week 2


Well, this is only week two and I have given it some thought about how I plan to pursue my project.  For my project I am making it a priority to get my groceries from local farmers markets and locally grown/ farmed sources instead of buying from a Grocery market. The thing of it is, I usually work till 5pm on weekdays and getting to the local farmers market before they close can be a problem!  Maybe I could try on the weekend sometimes.  Or I could check out Trader Joe’s market, I have a friend who used to work for Roth’s Grocery in the Produce Department who now works at Trader Joes and he also works part time for the local Farmers market and he’s always telling me of the great stuff that they have at both places, when we meet up.  Anyways I have quite a few friends who either grow their own fruits and veggies or have farms or ranches on which they raise chickens and other animals and grow crops.  So I already have a good source and  usually get plenty of farm fresh eggs (pretty obvious sometimes!), fresh picked blueberries and strawberries and other vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, tomatoes and so on.  I even grow some of my own vegetables outside my apartment, tomatoes, green beans and some radishes.  The benefits of “home grown”, locally grown foods has some obvious health benefits such as lack of large amounts of pesticides, supporting local farmers and  the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and farm grown foods, in obtaining better nutritional and environmentally friendly resources.  The “Organic” food program is exclusively used and marketed by the USDA.  It is a marketing “LABEL”.  What many people do not understand is that even though they might be growing organically produced foods, that the food is not “ORGANIC”, because it is not licensed by the USDA and meet their stringent guidelines in how it was produced and because they did not pay the Fee to have their product termed organic!  Which I think is totally ridiculous on the USDA”s part.  I am all for eating healthy locally grown foods, they taste better and it feels good to support the local community and it is great to know where and how the products were produced.


NRDC: National Resource Defense Council

The Responsibility Project, Green living, sustainable food:


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