Not all Markets are Created Equal

Posted: August 3, 2012 by Richard Gabriel in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability

The Corvallis Farmers market is by far the best farmers market in the area.  I found this out the hard way over this last weekend.  I was in Portland for the weekend and was not able to attend the farmers market down here so to stick to my project I did my shopping for the week in Hillsboro.  I just have to day we are lucky to have the quality of produce available at our market.  To start off the market up there as just dirty that is all I can say.   The picture to the right is from their website ( makes it look nice but that was not at all what I found.  The produce was sub par and looked a little old.  I don’t know if this is what is always like there but I am not going bake to find out.

 I remedied this mistake on Wednesday by finally getting to shop at the Corvallis farmers market.  I bought too many things to list here but I will say that the kale and chard I picked up we the best I had seen all year and I will be picking up more this Saturday.  The shopping was so easy and the people, being the ones that grow it, know so much about the food.  They were so nice in helping me pick out the best on the table.  I spent a little over 75 dollars and it was worth every penny.  My family is eating better food and we are not getting all of the chemicals that come along with supermarket produce.   Here is a link to a list of all the vendors present at the  market on Wednesday. (  The market on Saturday is much larger and I cant wait, I have also included a list and map for Saturday (

Now on to the meat of what I am doing (No pun intended).  By buying food at the farmers market I help to support the people in my own community and keep the money local.  This not only helps  the farmer but also helps anyone that does business with that farmer.  I also get to teach my daughter about the good foods to eat and help her avoid the pitfalls that surround her nutritionally.  This is the greatest benefit of all.

  1. julie says:

    Kudos to you for getting your family involved!

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