Delicious Success

Posted: August 3, 2012 by shannonnichols in Week 2: Reflections + Social Sustainability


After a week of drinking green I have successfully used zero paper cups. I either brought my own travel mug or drank my coffee in-house using one of their mugs. My favorite coffee shop in town is Coffee Culture on kings. There tasty coffee and equally as tasty atmosphere is perfect for enjoying your homework. Unfortunately they do not give you a discount for bringing in your own mug, like a few shops in town do; they do provide mugs to drink out of while you are there. One advantage I found this week was that while I ride my bike to campus I can easily hold an air tight travel mug in my backpack without coffee getting everywhere. Another advantage is that the reusable mugs keep your coffee hotter for longer!

I already owned a few reusable travel mugs so there was no initial start up cost. If you do want to buy them though, they are cheap at T.J Maxx and other retailers. You can also buy them at most coffee shops with the logo on them. You can get reusable travel mugs for iced drinks as well. Another trick I learned was to keep a mug in my car so if I unexpectedly want a coffee I have a mug on hand. You can also decorate your mugs or buy printed ones that fit your personality. This promotes diversity and individuality.

The production of these reusable mugs consume resources as well but only after about 24 uses does the benefits outweigh the use of paper cups. Below is a chart showing the impact of paper cups:


This chart shows the incredible impact that reusable cups can achieve. It is just one of those things that as an individual you don’t see the significance of your single impact. But if hundreds of people made this change the impact would be huge!!  So for me, as an individual, my quality of life goes up knowing I am making a difference. And if these statistics go down, these resources can be used in a better way or conserved.  Ever coffee drinker can do a small change to make a big difference by using a reusable cup.


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